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The Fragrance Foundation Awards Arabia 2017 The Scent

Who we are

Fragrance Foundation Arabia was founded on the 27th of October 2008 by signing the licence agreement with Rochelle Bloom and Miss Mary Ellen Lapsansky, president and vice-president of The Fragrance Foundation US in Dubai, invited by Mr. Shahzad Haider, Chairman and Mrs. Grit Pannier, President of Fragrance Foundation Arabia.

The Fragrance Foundation headquarterd in NYC was established in 1949 by six industry leaders affiliated with the legendary fragrance houses Elizabeth Arden, Coty, Guerlain, Helena Rubenstein, Chanel and Perfumes Weil, to develop educational programs about the importance and pleasures of fragrance for the American public. Today the Fragrance Foundation has become an international source for historic, cultural, scientific and industry related reference materials. The Foundation maintains one of the most extensive print and video fragrance libraries in the world. It publishes educational and sales training materials. The Foundation produces videos and consumer publications and holds seminars and symposia for its members as well as for the international fragrance industry.

In 1982 the Board of The Fragrance Foundation established the Sense of Smell Institute (formerly the Olfactory Research Fund) at the Foundation. The Sense of Smell Institute is devoted to supporting significant scientific and psychological research at leading universities and hospitals around the world related to unravelling the mysteries and importance of the sense of smell and the psychological benefits of fragrance. Currently, the Foundation's international members include manufacturers, suppliers, media, advertising and public relations agencies as well as designers, packagers and retailers.

Every year the respective Fragrance Foundations around the globe organize the prestigious FiFi Awards. The American "FiFi" Award was initiated in 1973 by the then president to acknowledge and honour the creativity of the fragrance industry. In 1993, the first annual European "FiFi" was awarded. The Middle East chapter is the second one outside of Europe, following the foundation of partner organisations in Australia, UK, Italy, France and Germany.

The Arabian Gulf is the world's largest consumer per capita of perfumes in its many different genres.

The Fragrance Foundation Arabia like all other partner foundations will carry out the mission of The Fragrance Foundation, to enhance the image of the fragrance industry and expand the appreciation and use of fragrance in all its forms across all distribution channels globally.

Chairman's Profile

Shahzad Haider Shahzad Haider serves as Chairman for the foundation. A graduate of economics and an MBA with marketing majors. Shahzad started his career in 1995 with FMCG multinationals and have served at the top marketing positions. In 2004, Shahzad initiated his own business of Luxury Marketing Consultancy, recognizing the growing demand for intelligent, integrated marketing offering in the ever booming luxury segment.

With more than 16 years of experience and his tremendous growth and knowledge of the market, Shahzad is also faculty of Fashion marketing. Shahzad Haider is 40 years old, married and the father of a daughter.

Board of Directors

Shahzad Haider Chairman
The Fragrance Foundation Arabia
Abdullah Al Dawish Arabian Oud Salem Kaissi COTY Yves.Blouin CHANEL
Mohammed Ali Al Kamali Director of Export Markets
Development Dubai Exports
Menno Oosterhoff P&G Prestige Serge Kotovsky Création ME Piacentini Lorenzo L'Oréal Luxe

Executive Committees

FiFi Arabia 2012 Event Committee

Serge Kotovsky Creation Josey Essop Paris Gallery Asra Eftekhari Paris Gallery Tarek Anbar Symrise Nader Adam Ali Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group
Shadi S. Samra Arabian Oud Walid Sultani Clarins Group Khalil Antoine Khail Givaudan Norma Sakr L'Oreal Middle East

ESMA & FFA Committee

Subhash Swiss Arabian Perfumes Dr. Deep Ajmal Perfumes Sana Ullah Mohammad Rasasi Perfumes Prashant Rasasi Perfumes Khalil Antoine Khail Givaudan
Shadi S. Samra Arabian Oud Huzaifa Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group Jayram Joshi Erofragrance Waleed Sultani Clarins Group

Market Research Committee

Josey Essop Paris Gallery Shadi S. Samra Arabian Oud Lama Bachara L'Oreal Middle East
Waleed Sultani Clarins Group Evarist Rego Ajmal Perfumes